The Farmgirl Behind the Lens!

I’m a farmgirl photographer from Airdrie, Alberta — and I have to admit something.. My days are a little more interesting than most!!

On any given day, you can see me hauling feed to farm animals, driving a tractor, or bottle feeding a calf. I’m incredibly lucky to live and work on a farm… To be truthful, usually I’m only 50% lucky, and 50% smelly!! But that’s okay. Boys like that, I think. Plus, I’ve created my own brand of farmers-tan, and I call it ‘well done’. It’s a product of roasting in a tractor without air conditioning for hours and picking rocks in the summer. Ding! ‘Well done’, and I didn’t have to pay a dime for a tanning bed membership or juice cleanses.

I live on the farm, on my own little place in my little house. I have my own little garden, my own little chicken coop, a great view, and terrible internet. Ha!! … Not that funny. I would say growing up on the farm has taught me many things.

  1. Family is everything (free labour).
  2. Don’t tackle a calf that’s too big for you to handle (broken ribs).
  3. Ride it like you stole it (broken wrist).
  4. When in doubt, do donuts (and the truck goes through the ice on the lake).
  5. UFA gloves are the best gloves out there (hey, these ones don’t say Kaycee on them.. oh well).
  6. Don’t borrow UFA gloves that don’t have your name on them (is ‘ass-tanning’ a real word?).
  7. We have cats, lots of cats, take a cat (I hid one in your truck).
  8. The term ‘Use the facilities’ (pee in the horse trailer).
  9. In a farmers eyes: a tractor is like a fine wine. The older it gets, the better mechanic you become, and it is always ‘worth it’ to fix it, even if it takes a few days, a few trips to Calgary for parts, . (oh look an heirloom.. hurray…)
  10. Most importantly, if you go out drinking with your friends on a Friday night and come home at 3am, expect Saturday morning chores to be a lot earlier, a lot harder, and of such dire importance that they simply cannot wait.  (processing cows, lifting bales into the loft, awesome).

Knowing all the above has lead me to enjoy the simple things in life. Theres nothing I enjoy more than cinching on a pair of sweatpants at the end of the day. I love food, and its a miracle I’m as skinny as I am, because I cook up a storm. I love gardening, canning food, and homesteading. I love my farm animals, my cow-herding mini Aussie “Robin”, and sleeping with 10 layers of blankets, because I hate the cold. I am also voted #1 most likely to be bitten by a strangers dog because I LOVE DOGS AND CAN I PET YOUR DOG PLEASE? My favourite time of year is calving season (March – May) and my favourite seasons to photograph in would be Fall & Winter. Oh yeah, and don’t ask me about my cows unless if you’ve got 20 minutes (well theres Dot, and Sugar, KC31, Pearl and today Petunia did something cute, and….)

My name is Kaycee Ann Lunde.  I am a barefoot, blonde, buck wild beauty and I am excited to share my world with you!

[ OH P.S. My makeup was done by my boo Preet from Studio 150. Eat your heart out Hollywood! ]

 2nd annual family photo with Robin didn’t go so well!!

Chow for Now!



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