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Buy viagra super active, Buy cheap viagra in canada









Dana & Julie || Airdrie Couples Photographer

Here is a session that I was truly honoured to shoot—- My lifelong best friend Julie & her boyfriend Dana!! Because of distance,  this was the first time I met Dana, so of course.. as the best friend, I put him through the rigorous boyfriend inspection. (he passed with flying colors!). I learned he loved to cook, just like I do, and we bonded over shared recipes. The day was blazingly bright, and decently warm for a winters day, so we headed out into the snow for some photos!!!

We finished off the day with a delicious supper at Paros on Main in Airdrie (one of my favourite local restaurants!) where we ordered calamari, flaming cheese, and chicken souvlaki.


IMG_5916-Edit-Edit1Julie And DanaIMG_5933-Edit-Edit-Edit2Julie And DanaIMG_5938-Edit-Edit3Julie And DanaIMG_6009-Edit4Julie And DanaIMG_6016-Edit5Julie And DanaIMG_6042-Edit-Edit6Julie And DanaIMG_60827Julie And Dana



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