Kimberley, British Columbia Photographers Retreat

Winter, sweet winter!! There are some advantages to living as a photographer in the great white north.. Snow acts as a great reflector, the cold air flushes cheeks just perfectly, and you can get away with bold colors that you might not be able to pull off in Summer! Trade all those perks with the off chance that you’ll get frost bite.. and, we have a winner!

This past weekend, I was lucky to be able to work with a wonderful group of like-minded women at a Photographers Retreat in Kimberley B.C. We laughed, shared wine, shared stories and ate delicious red thai curry!! We stayed at Zoe’s gorgeous warm house, with spectacular views. Over the weekend we reviewed our businesses, took a look at product offerings, and made goals for the year ahead. It’s a really comforting thing to know that you have a great support group of people that (traditionally) are your competition… They lift me up and encourage me instead of leading me astray. And that’s what a great business network (and friends!!) are about!

On Saturday, after our business discussion, we headed out to shoot Keri & Mike’s Mountain-Man styled engagement session. It was totally fun– I brought my lanterns and antique snow shoes to help build the scene! It wasn’t too cold (thankfully) for our models!! We set up our little Mountain picnic on the edge of a hoodoo, with the landscape of the mountains in the background. Keri & Mike were terrific for tolerating 8 photographers hopping around, and I think we all got our ‘money’ shots!!

After our shoot we all dressed up and headed out for supper on the town! We hit the Stonefire Pizzeria which was delicious, I ordered the ‘Cures What Ails You Pizza’ which was meaty & spicy (just the way I like it). Then we headed to the Pedal & Tap , a bike themed pub for drinks & dessert.  We had a blast, laughed a ton and wasted no time sleeping. Both nights we sat up talking until 2am!!

Overall, I came home refreshed and inspired to better my business. I have a page packed full of business improvements/to do, and the day after I got home I did a complete website redo– and I am so happy with it (check out the vintage chickens on the Investment page!). I would like to thank Zoe for being a terrific host, and all of the ladies that attended for making me feel so welcome and inviting me into your lives!!!

buy Pregabalin online cheap The Amazing Photographers at the Retreat:

Zoe Ferguson || Janelle Awe || Kelly Pollitt || Victoria Blaire || Portraits by Lucy || Rose Pink || Mich Wilke

5 x 7 Template - No 1IMG_6292-Edit1Kimberley BC
IMG_6315-Edit4Kimberley BC

IMG_6416-Edit14Kimberley BC

IMG_6352-Edit10Kimberley BCIMG_6351-Edit9Kimberley BC

IMG_6409-Edit13Kimberley BC
8 x 11 Template - Nro 7IMG_6426-Edit15Kimberley BC
IMG_6496-Edit18Kimberley BCIMG_6485-Edit17Kimberley BCIMG_654019Kimberley BC
IMG_6595-Edit21Kimberley BC8 x 11 Template - No 78 x 11 Template - No4 7

IMG_673829Kimberley BC
IMG_63175Kimberley BCIMG_63196Kimberley BCIMG_62992Kimberley BC

IMG_643316Kimberley BC


IMG_660323Kimberley BC

IMG_6693-Edit25Kimberley BC





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