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Lauren & Carter

A September Madden Hall Wedding

All year long I looked forward to Lauren & Carters wedding! The day was full of joy and warmth. I was greeted at the door by Laurens sweet mom, Naomi, and then went downstairs to see the girls — bustling around, giggling, with their hair freshly done and putting on the first coat of mascara. I give my hug to a smiling (but nervous) Lauren and then I sweep her wedding dress outside for a shot of it at the barn. I found out when I came back to the house that the barn is where Carter got down on one knee & asked Lauren to marry him!!!

And I will never forget the moment that Lauren walked down the aisle- arm & arm with her Dad and Stepdad, with a happy tear in her eye, glancing at her Mom when she reached the stairs!! Carter took her hand and led her up the stage, beaming at his bride. They wrote their own vows which had a few of us (okay, me!) in tears!! When the ceremony wrapped up we headed outside for a huge group drone shot, and then the bridal party started to pop the champagne and light up cigars!!

After bridal portraits were done, we headed to the Madden Hall for dinner. The reception was full of hilarious moments and wonderful speeches. Carters brother had us all in stitches (some people screaming with laughter) and the 3 M.C.s kept us all entertained. The hall was beautifully decorated and the dance had everyone cutting a rug! Thank you Lauren & Carter and your wonderful families for letting me share in your joy!!

Alright ladies, all together now on the count of 3, Awwwwwwwwww 🙂  It was tequila! I feel your pain!

Carter had “She’s Mine” put onto the bottom of his shoes — Lauren didn’t know about it until the bottom picture!  The crying game: if you were doing a speech and you felt the tears coming on, you had to take a shot of Fireball whiskey! Carter’s brother had a hilarious speech that had us all in tears!

Dress | Tafette & Tulle

Bridesmaids Dresses | DHgate

Florals | Potluck

Cake & Cupcakes | Avenue Bakery

Catering | Harmony Catering

Reception Venue | Madden Community Hall



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