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Beaches and Blondes!!

If you follow my blog you may recognize Kate from her gorgeous gold gown graduation shoot this winter (she had red hair!) or from the rustic styled wedding last spring that was featured in Calgary Bride! She is also known as best-friend-Kate or little-sister-Kate! We have been friends for forever (or at least it feels that way), we are 7 years apart in age so I’ve literally watched her grow up. This summer we have both been so busy that I haven’t seen her for months even though she lives just up the road… so I gave her a call to see if she wanted to go to the beach!!!

 For us, no evening together is complete without a little impromptu photoshoot! And then we went for a good ol float and swim until the sun went down, then we went for ice cream. SOLID night in the books 🙂




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