Lukas & Heather|| McKinnon Flats || Airdrie Engagement Photographer

When I got a call from Lukas, there was an instant connection. Freshly engaged, he positively BRAGGED about his new fiancé, Heather. I couldn’t wait to meet her in person. Which worked out great, cause when Lukas said, “Ah— I know it’s soon but, how about we do photos this Saturday?” I said “You got it!!!”. We chose to do the session in McKinnon Flats, which is very quickly becoming one of my favorite places to shoot, and a place that had such a significant meaning to my couple! This was where Lukas brought her for their first date.. and a few years down the road, where he proposed!!

When Lukas mentioned he wanted to bring his Dad’s 71 International stepside, I swooned. I mean, on the outside, I played it off cool.. But on the inside I was doing a mariachi dance!!!! We laughed the whole 2 hours of photos, and I positively loved the images I snapped; the sunlight was just perfect.. Nicolas Sparks romance novel style!!

LOCATION: McKinnon Flats, near Strathmore Alberta





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