Lukas & Heather Koltusky|| Wedding at Indis Alberta || Airdrie Photographer

Everything about Heather on her wedding day was timeless and classy. Heathers bridal do was a classic bun with a gorgeous crystal appliqué in the back. Loose, curled strands framed her face under a beautiful white veil and she chose pearls to polish off her look. We left the salon and whisked away to the St Albert the Great Church in Calgary and gathered in the basement while the church above filled with loved ones. The room was full of nervous giggles and a few tears. And as Heather’s mom carefully placed Heathers veil, she whispered with a tear in her eye.. “Honey you look so beautiful..” and then louder– for the rest of the room to hear to triumphant cheer — “LET’S GO GET YOU MARRIED!!”

In the Church attendees enjoyed a beautiful service — and we all cheered when the words came.. “You may kiss the bride!” . While the bride and groom were receiving their guests I took a quick look outside and saw that the rain from earlier in the morning hadn’t quit. I’m a big believer in embracing the day–  if it rains on your wedding day, we are going to rock rainy day photos and make them memorable!! And luckily the bridesmaids packed umbrellas. I spotted a lovely place to take family formals in front of the church where we were shielded from the wind, and once we captured the formals, I snuck bride & groom off for some bridal portraits of just the two of them. I’m so happy to have included the beautiful flowering cherry trees in Heather & Lukas’s photos– everything about Heather reminds me of a ballerina, so to have the beautiful pink flowers in her photos couldn’t have been more perfect.

Soon after, we headed to the Indis Hall for the wedding reception. The hall was beautifully decorated with every thought towards guests comfort. There was even a popcorn bar !! Once I captured the table settings and a few photos of guests, I was grabbed by the groomsmen.. They had a surprise for the bride & groom and wanted me to photograph the big secret.. So we went out back to a trailer where they opened the door and I LAUGHED– there was a huge potbelly pig!!!!! The groomsmen were going to auction him off at the dance later that night to benefit the newly wedded couple.

The supper was delicious and of course, the dessert was spectacular. All of the guests loved the speeches (especially the Father of the Brides’!) and to wind down the night — the groomsmen auctioned off the pig “Wilbur”. It was a beautiful wedding that won’t soon be forgot !!!

ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS: You can see their beautiful, Nicolas Sparks-esque engagement HERE .







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