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Where can i buy viagra online safely, Viagra online br









Romantic Country Wedding || Airdrie Wedding Photographer

 At the end of August, I collaborated with some of my favourite local wedding professionals to put together a romantic country wedding! I am very grateful for the models that I found for this shoot- My friends Logan & Stacey were married last year on a safari in Africa. It was so fun to get Stacey in her wedding dress again, get her hair & makeup done and take some photos in the home province! We were even able to include their two Australian Shepherds Meg & Gus for some photos. Our florist, Willy, has her studio out in the country so she new exactly what I wanted for this shoot when I said “girly and country”!  The bouquet was a unique combination of many seasonal wildflowers, including tendrils of clematis, dried green foxtail + wheat, catmint, daisies, sedum, and beautiful soft pink roses. Brooke from Cellar door came up with the concept of a antique sewing table as a dessert stand, and the blush pink rose cake from BubeBakes was the cherry on top!


Make-up Artist  Studio 150 
Decor Rental  Cellar Door Vintage Rentals 
Models Logan & Stacey G.
Check out the behind the scenes video of Prairie Blooms Studio crafting the bouquet for this shoot!


Willy from Prairie Blooms Studio made the bouquet, boutonniere and hairpiece!

When the sun set, the hilltop where we were shooting was flooded with sunlight!2016-10-08_00342016-10-08_0035

I loved the antique white Singer sewing table, glass cloche’s and gold candlesticks that Brooke from Cellar Door Vintage Rentals  picked out for this shoot!  2016-10-08_00362016-10-08_0037

Bube from  BubeBakes blew us out of the water again with her beautiful white blooming rose cake.2016-10-08_0038



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