The Power of Professional Makeup


     This week, I met up with Preet from Studio 150 Makeup & Esthetics in Airdrie for a little pampering. I felt it was about time that I walk the walk, since I talk the talk!!! I wanted to put myself in your shoes. I always tell my brides that professional makeup for your photos makes a huge difference. Too often, us girls get stuck in a makeup rut (hey—- me too!) and we might fall behind on the latest makeup innovations (contouring didn’t exist in Kaycee world until 5 years ago) and lesbehonest- we aren’t Pros. We might not know the ideal way to bring out the color of our eyes, draw attention from the flaws, flatter our lip shape or enhance our cheekbones. And unfortunately, the camera eats it up.

Top 5 Things that Commonly “Disappear” in Photos:

  1. Eyebrows. We all know that your eyebrow game needs to be strong these days, but if you don’t have your eyebrows drawn in for photos especially– oh boy. Those suckers are GONE. Check out my eyebrows in my before picture (eyebrows I was formally so proud of). Eyebrows enhance your bone structure and add dimension to your face.
  2. Eyelashes. It doesn’t matter if you have the best natural lashes in the world, the lens just doesn’t pick it up. I have pathetic, practically non-existant eyelashes to start with, which has lead me to reach for the fake eyelashes everytime I have “a big night out”. Eyelashes go a long way in making your eyes really pop!! (bonus points: getting eyelash extensions for your wedding day, they are the best!).
  3. Lips. You wouldn’t believe what a splash of color on your lips will do for your face! Now if you’re a country bumpkin like me– I know what you’re thinking– But my grandma wears lipstick! Trust me, Grandma’s BEEN ON THIS EARTH — SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE’S DOING GIRL– follow G-ma’s lead!! Lipstick brightens your face, frames your smile and whitens your teeth in a photograph.
  4. Facial structure. A makeup artist knows how to contour your face, to make it look like PERFECT light is following you around on your photoshoot. When I am shooting my subjects back-lit (your back to the sun) there isn’t much contrast on your face, which might make your face look flat and dimensionless. Contouring is where its at!

I have had my photos come back and been dismayed at my “homemade job” of makeup. It will take me a solid hour to do (fighting with fake eyelashes and all), all to have it basically be invisible in the photos. Now heres where a pro can step in, and help a sister out. When you look good, you feel good. A professional makeup artist can:

  • Enhance your best features
  • Draw attention away from flaws
  • Hide blemishes and skin surface flaws
  • Make your eyes pop

My makeup appointment went wonderful, and Preet started with a consultation over the look I wanted. I told her I wanted the Bride Experience: a full coverage, glamorous wedding day look that would still be appropriate for a country wedding. She filled in my eyebrows  perfectly, accentuated my high cheekbones with contouring and popped a nice pink on my lips. She used beautiful browns on my eyelids and applied some false eyelashes (which were so lightweight and pretty). I loved how I looked for my new professional headshots !!

What Your Makeup Artist Wished You Knew! by Preet, Studio 150

  1. Wedding planning is so stressful that you can’t rely on yourself for makeup. Planning for professional hair & makeup on your wedding day is essential for a stress free, relaxing experience.
  2. Make sure to discuss with your bridesmaids & plan the whole look ahead of time. Sometimes Brides and Bridesmaids are not on same page and thee situation can get a little weird. (ie. the one bridesmaid that wants purple eyeshadow and red lipstick when the rest of the party has a soft, natural look).
  3. Do a trial run. If there is anything you don’t like, feel free to express it to your MUA. Everything is fixable!

I love chatting with Preet because shes one of the girls. She isn’t above sharing her insider secrets — (which products are overpriced, and which ones are a steal of a deal) or sharing which products she used on my face (and why). I think I’ve made quite a few makeup purchases because of her!! I loved the experience and I think I will have to make it an annual thing.

Below: iPhone pics of the makeup, in natural light! Dannngg girl!!

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