A Beautiful April Day at the Farm || Airdrie Farm Photography

This year in Alberta we have enjoyed a warmer April than we have seen in a long time!! The cheerfulness of Spring is in the air. The animals are happy, which makes us happy. The weather is nice, the calves are playing & soaking up naps in the afternoon sun . Good weather gives the calves a good start in life. As for us, this calving season has been downright lovely!! When the weather is ideal, the cows aren’t as cranky, and overall it seems like we pull less cows into the barn when mother nature cooperates. We started seeding our green field peas over the weekend and finished planting yesterday, which doesn’t necessarily translate to an earlier crop at harvest time but gives us some peace of mind knowing that the crop is in the ground. My chickens have been able to be let out to free range almost every day this winter (wow!). Everyday I’ve been bringing in the first calf heifer cows for grain to soften them up. As yearlings, they were brought in everyday for barley and now, as young mothers, they are being spoiled with buckets of barley. They come when I call now, their tiny sweet calves in tow. A quiet, soft cow that doesn’t mind you hanging around makes a lifetime of difference!

“No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth”

-Thomas Jefferson







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