Tom & Bobbi-Jo Engaged in Airdrie

A Country Engagement in Airdrie with Tom & Bobbi-Jo

I didn’t know Bobbi-Jo or Tom when they first emailed me, but Toms last name rang a bell. When we met for our consultation we connected the dots and realized our families are neighbors! Years ago (before Tom or I was born)  his parents were living just up the road from us, my dad would visit them or ride his horse to their place to listen to their records. One day the house started on fire and Toms mom was all alone (while her husband was at work)!! She called over to the farm for help and dad drove up and together they tossed furniture, albums and… the records & record player out into the yard!! As soon as I realized who Toms parents were we chatted about this story. Bobbi-Jo and Tom are a match made in heaven. Photo shoots with them are always goofy and if anything we need to take breaks to refocus (between our laughing and antics!). They had a fun engagement shoot last year as well (you can see it here!).

It was fun to reminisce about this story & meet up for them for an engagement in Airdrie.  and I can’t wait to photograph Tom & Bobbi-Jos wedding tomorrow at their family farm!!



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