Garden Floral Mini Evermore House of Flynn Camera Bag

My review of the House of Flynn Mini Garden Floral Evermore Camera Bag

I recently have become addicted to House of Flynn! The owner Maureen Flynn is a photographer, turned fashion entrepreneur that understands what her fellow photographers need. This bag caught my eye a year ago because of the print and utility of it. It is from Maureen’s 2016 collection, and this particular mini evermore and the full size are sold out. She only has wallets and equipment roller bags left, so I consider myself lucky to have this limited edition bag! I was able to snag this bag by being a member of the House of Flynn “Taco Tribe” on Facebook (if you’re a photographer, go join it right now!). It’s a community of photographers supporting each other, brought together by our mutual love of Maureen’s bags. The moderators coordinate “Sell it Sunday” threads where you can list your photography gear or HOF bags that you have bought for sale. I LIVE for these posts, they are so much fun, and that is how I found this bag! I bought it from another Tribe member in new condition (the bag still had the packaging in it!) and I was thrilled with the soft, waterproof, wipeable canvas. Being a farm photographer, I am constantly around dirt, silage, hay, mud, manure.. the list goes on, and I needed something that could be wiped down. The canvas cleans surprisingly easy with a damp cloth. The garden floral print was just enough “country girl” for me!

I took this bag with me to Arizona to the Showit United Conference in Tempe a few weeks ago. I needed something that would safely carry a few pieces of gear and my laptop & notebook for notes. It was a success, and I spotted a lot of other photographers with HOF camera bags!! The hand carry handles and cross body strap came in really handy.

 The 5 outer pockets on the face of the bag all serve useful purposes. The big, middle pocket zips open to reveal memory card slots for storage. The other 4 smaller pockets hold batteries, chargers, and whatever else you can dream of that would fit in there. The bag also has a pocket on either end that is big enough to fit a phone. Really, there are more than enough nooks and crannies to hide things in this bag! I think you would be more likely to forget things that you put in the bag (LOL) than to run out of space. The bag is sturdily put together.

I brought my Canon 5D MIV body, my 70-200 f/2.8 and my Sigma 85mm Art with me to Arizona. There was enough room for me to stuff another smaller lens in (if I laid it across the top of the other packed gear) but I voted not too in order to keep the weight down. I did end up regretting not packing my 35mm, but luckily the ladies I traveled with had one I could borrow! 

This bag had the gorgeous striped interior. It is stunning in person!

Overall, I rate this Garden Floral Mini Evermore bag 5 out of 5 stars as a travel bag for myself. I still rely on my full size leather evermore for regular shoots and weddings– (I will blog a review on that bag soon) in the mini, there is just not enough space for my macro lens and my 35mm to tag along. But for a gal like me that shoots 95% of the time with a 70-200mm, it worked! I am debating using this bag as my daily purse, as its perfectly purse sized!!



  1. Shelby Story says:

    Nice!! This is a beautiful camera bag! I’ve been eying up the Evermore bags forever. And I’m so jealous of Arizona!! Maybe one day I’ll make it outside of Canada. ????

    • says:

      Shelby!! Join the buy and sell HOF facebook group, you won’t regret it! Sell it Sundays are the BEEESSSTTTT 😀

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