A Wintery Wedding at WillowLane Barn

A wintery wedding at the Willow Lane Barn near Olds, Alberta

Deanna & Ryan hoped for snow for their winter wedding at Willow Lane Barn. Just a day before their wedding, central Alberta was dry and brown with a few patches of snow. All of us guests and vendors hoped and prayed that there would be snow for the wedding.. and I woke up on Saturday to a gorgeous blizzard!!! As I was driving north on the Highway 2 from Airdrie, the roads got progressively worse and eventually I was forced to slow down to 60km. As I was driving, my dash said it was only -4, and with flurries of snow I was already calculating how I would protect my clients (bridal party and family) from the cold gusts of wind … But ultimately, at only -4 with the snow falling the way it was, it was going to be a perfect winter wedding!!! I was glad I left an hour and a half early from Airdrie to make it to Olds — I needed that spare time with the black ice. Starting the day at the Pomeroy Hotel, the whole crew was ready to rock n’ roll by the time I got there, Starbucks in hand.

  I photographed D’s cousins wedding last summer near Airdrie, and was over the moon when they asked me to be their wedding photographer!

Reaction photos by the bridesmaids needs to be my new thing!

The girls getting Deanna ready!! 

Once the getting ready photos were done, I skipped over to the Willow Lane barn just 10 minutes from Olds. The ceremony was going to be held in the central barn area, with seating for 200+ guests. Ria from Willow Lane had candles lit down the whole aisle. It was beautiful, but then they opened the big barn doors to reveal a gathering of lit Christmas trees outside. I’ll never forget how everyone gasped. It was stunning.

This year I tried to carve out just a few minutes at each wedding for bridals!! Each bride is a vision on her wedding day!

Can you say Snow princess!?

I caught a sweet gentleman taking the extension cords from these lit up Christmas trees– I begged him to let me keep the lights on just for another 10 minutes! 

Ria at the barn expertly designed the tables capes and florals – making sure there were plenty of candle lit romance for the day!

I took this photo without flash to show how GLOWY and romantic it was!!!!! 

Ryan & Deanna had custom Christmas ornaments for everyone to take home!

I loved this cake topper featuring their dogs, Maddox & Tron!

Cousins Connor and Dan lifting the bride!!

Deanna’s mom passed away suddenly a few years ago. Her mom’s favourite holiday was Christmas, and this sweet lady shared a story about how the gifts were always so thoughtfully wrapped by her, and she kept this bow from a gift she was given by her. It was a perfect bow, and she put it in her Christmas tree in memory of her every year– and she gifted Deanna this bow. 

Everyone adored their first dance, how romantic is was — until the music changed, and D & Ryan performed a mash up of choreographed dances to songs!!! It was amazing and such a surprise for the guests!

Then the dance started– Shaby DJ (Shannon) from AASP Entertainment always throws an incredible party!!!!!!

The dance floor… and the chairs.. every surfaced was danced on!

DJ: AASP Entertainment
Film: Bryan MacDonald Films
Makeup By Ashleigh & Hair by Kelsey Bettencourt
Florals, Decor, Venue: Willowlane Barn
Dress: The Bridal Boutique Calgary
Catering: Rajapaksa Catering

Much Love!



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