Before & After || Senior Portait Session || Airdrie Photographer

kate jelinski, airdrie, alberta, airdrie high school, photoshop comparison, greater than gatsby action

I started this edit by brightening it up in Lightroom using the Exposure slider. Once it was toned & colour balanced to perfection, I sent it over to Photoshop and applied my favourite one-click action from the Greater than Gatsby Three Nails Collection , “Clean Slate”. This action never fails me for making my colours richer and adding some glow to my images without making them too warm.

Next I wanted to add in a sunset sky to complete the mood of the photo. I picked a pink sky from the Florabella Sky Overlay Collection .  I place-embedded it into the image in a seperate layer, toned down the opacity to a believable level (about 50%) and brushed it off Kates beautiful face. Wala!!! Finished 🙂



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