Kyle & Jocelyn’s Engagement || McKinnon Flats Engagement || Airdrie Photographer

I first met Kyle when I went to Olds College. We lived in the residence there and I met him on the first day. I guess I could say he was my first new friend I made at College 🙂 Kyle was a smile and a laugh to break the ice and make me optimistic that maybe I would have a good experience (and meet lots of new friends) at College. Within a few weeks we were like peas and carrots, and by the end of the first semester I moved in with him & the guys at a house we rented. I learned a lot about “life” living with “my boys” thats for sure and what a blast we had every Thursday night!!

A year later in my second year of College, I heard Kyle got himself a girl friend!!!! Well I just HAD to meet her. Within the first few moments of our introduction I knew we were going to be good friends!  Jocelyn is gorgeous and one of the kindest people I know with THE MOST INFECTIOUS LAUGH ever— within minutes I was in stitches!! I look forward to seeing her whenever I can. Sorry Kyle but Jocelyn is pretty cool!! hahah!!

Me– and the rest of the world– waited (im)patiently for him to pop the question, and when he did, I was overjoyed!!! Yes!! And I was so honoured to be asked to photograph their engagement & wedding– what a dream come true for me. There will be lots of tears on their wedding day on my behalf!!! Love you two!

LOCATION: McKinnon Flats, Alberta




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