Christmas Cows

A visit with my cows on Christmas eve

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! I will be spending Christmas in Saskatchewan with my family from Riverhurst while Dad & Mom stay home to look after the cattle during this cold snap. So on Christmas eve I headed out to take some photos of the girls before I left. Merry Christmas everyone!

9E, “Easy A” wondering why I so rudely interrupted her nap.
Someone wanted to be in every picture.. LOL

Black white face!! The cattle industry is very trendy when it comes to colors and desired crosses. (At least on the commercial end). 15 years ago everyone wanted grey (charolais x black angus or simm cross), then it was black, and recently everyone has wanted black white face heifers (hereford x with simm or angus). It’s all about what type of performance you want out of your cattle and if you want to stick to your own path or follow the trends. For the most part we just stick to the crosses we like!

The girls packed around the bale feeder. The yellow heifer in the middle is Buttercup! The black heifer on the right (with her head in the air, red tag) is my MUCH ANTICIPATED replacement heifer from my amazing Pinzgauer cow “KC”. KC had 6 bull calves before giving me a heifer finally this year– all of her bull calves have been the biggest in the pen, and she is a easy calver with a great temperament. I was overjoyed to tag this calf this spring and find out its a heifer!! I talked about it for months!

Couldn’t you just kiss that frosty nose?!! This is a heifer of mine that I am adding a bit more weight to before she sells.If you love cows, you should check out Eric & Terra’s engagement at B Bar Cattle!

This fall I bought 10 more Charolais heifers from Charworth Charolais.  Most of them are white! This heifer (28E) registered name is Esther

9E on the left’s registered name is Easy A (I loooOOoooove that movie!). Shes one of the bigger girls but I just love her rib and bone. And isn’t that black brockle face on the right just the CUTEST!? She looks like a penguin. She is one of dad’s heifers that I have pegged as a replacement.

Our barn from across the highway!! Our barn is a classic red with a green roof and it’s a landmark in our area. It was built in 1926. It is still so classy. 

I probably don’t have to narrate these bales , but I will!! These are wheat straw bales. These straw bales will be used for bedding on our fields that we are planning on growing broadleaf crops in next year (ie. canola or peas). That way, if any wheat germinates it can be easily sprayed out of the broadleaf crop. 

The bred replacement heifers coming in for grain! It never gets old! Our bulls are living with them right now, too.

Amber (white with red tag) wondering what I’m doing!

Hard to photograph the girlies when their breath fogs up the air!

One of our black angus bulls from Scotts Stock Farm!! I thought he looked so handsome!

My sweet girl Penny’s nose!!! If you follow me on instagram you’ll recognize Penny from my stories. She is my pet and probably the cutest cow in the world!

This simmental bull was sleeping in some straw before this pic.. How can you tell?

The mineral/salt shack!! I keep all cattle on the farm updated on their salt and mineral — right now thats about 250 cows!!! I go through 1/3 of a 50lb bag every day.

Charolais butts drive me nuts!! (I couldn’t help it!!) Chow for now!



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