Dave & Mazlie Engaged in Carstairs

A wintery horseback engagement shoot near Carstairs, Alberta

I’ve always dreamed of doing a horseback shoot, and when I mentioned that to Dave & Mazlie, they were immediately on board!! Both Dave & Mazlie have a passion for horses, and between cutting competitions and teaching lessons they are both quite the hand. So one day back in December (2016!) they caught up the horses, saddled them up and went for a ride! It was so bitingly cold that day, I remember Mazlie being better off bareback, anyways! The hay field was frosty and gorgeous and the perfect setting. This is still one of my favorite shoots to date!

Back in May I had the most amazing text message from them both, asking if I would be their wedding photographer!! Of course I made a scene and bounced and screamed all over the house. These two are saying “I do” in August and I am counting down the days!!

I love bringing cows, horses, dogs — you name it into my shoots!!! Whatever you can add to a shoot that tells your story, will just make it even more special. Check out this cow pasture engagement from this summer!



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