Winter Photoshoots

Here in central Alberta, we live in the land of “why do I live where the air hurts my face?”. We expect snow 6 months out of the year, and we all own -35 winter jackets and snow boots! Now, I know that winter isn’t everyones ‘thing’. (like me — yuck, winter!). But when it comes to winter photoshoots, the good totally outweighs the bad! Check out why winter is my favorite season for winter photoshoots!!

Dave & Mazlie’s winter couples photoshoot! We found out that riding bareback helped keep them warm!! I loved the faux fur vest & pretty scarf Mazlie wore!!

  1. Sometimes, winter isn’t that bad (or at least here in central Alberta!!). We are lucky to catch a chinook here or there, or a sunny -15C day! Those days make for ideal days to shoot! If its a touch too cold, bring those tiny heat packs to keep in your boots and gloves. The cold weather brings a natural flush to your cheeks too!
  2. The cold calls for extra cozy shots!! Which means a lot of crowding together to share body heat. It makes for a very cute winter photoshoot!
  3. Winter snow makes for incredibly clean, bright, pretty photos!! And winter light truly can’t be beat! The sunlight reflects off the white snow, making colours pop & providing perfect studio lighting!
  4. Winter is the perfect time to get fashionable & whip out the adorable mittens, toques, scarves and knee high boots *with grippy bottoms so you don’t end up skiing down an icy hill by accident*!!!
  5. Winter is typically my off-season, so you can have your pick-of-the-litter for dates. We can plan something extra special, like going to a ski-hill, a horse back ride, or a cozy marshmallow & hot chocolate by a campfire date!
  6. Even if there isn’t snow on the ground and the scenery is “brown and dead”—- oh my gosh!! I prefer it to shooting on a green, sunny summers day anytime! The different colours of dry grass, pine trees and bark add so much richness to a photo! Check out Pete & Brett’s Canmore engagement here to see what I meanIf you’re dreaming of a beautiful winter photoshoot, don’t be shy to contact me ! Let’s do something incredible together!! 



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