Tamme & Max Married at Lake Louise

Tamme, what were the most memorable moments of your Lake Louise wedding?

  •  Being alone with my bridesmaids the night before & watching them open all the little gifts I got them!
  • The food was incredible!
  • Max meeting me halfway down the aisle instead of your typical father walking me down the aisle.
  • The first dance and wowing everyone (and my dress tripping me up!) but so worth it, so much fun.
  • The shoe question game
  • Max’s sisters sock dance & flash mob to Uptown Funk
  • We didn’t have the typical mother/son father/daughter dance but when Max’s dad and I played air guitar together to that one song, that was so great!!
  • Our “kissing” game (instead of clinking glasses) guests had to act out a “kiss” and then we had to copy it!! Things got wild!!!

If you could give one piece of advice to couples planning their wedding, what would it be?

Hire professionals!!!!!!! They are well worth their weight in gold!! It took so much stress off just knowing that I didn’t have to deal with contracts and didn’t have to worry about how the photos would turn out or how my hair would behave that day. Also, breathe!! If a mother or mother-in-law is getting to be too much – it’s because they love you and want what’s best for you (usually). It’s ok to ask for what you need. That’s what your entourage is for! Make sure you eat!! Start your planning and execution of details early because inspiration changes and it’s helpful to have lots of time to order things. Plus, some things you order aren’t what you expect them to be… You need time to return them etc. Try not to pay full price on as many things as possible to keep the budget down. Don’t feel bad if you miss a sale – there will always be another one. Be patient (start early). Try not to get sucked in to all the extras. No one is going to remember your personalized napkins.. don’t waste your money. People remember the dress (only if you make it interesting and not a boring white sheath), the ceremony (either stuffy and boring or fun), the venue (beautiful and eye catching or four boring white walls) and the food. The rest is details. I didn’t pay for my guests alcohol other than wine on the tables. We thought that was a good enough compromise. And it saved us a lot of money to put elsewhere.

What was your most favorite wedding detail?

There are so many!! Haha. Probably the favor? It was super simple and cheap and we have received so many compliments on them as people use them. Our favorite rib rub recipe.

  • Our favour- It was super simple and cheap and we have received so many compliments on them as people use them. Our favorite rib rub recipe.
  • Adding color to my dress – so unlike anything I had seen on any other bride.
  • The venue-  Our venue at Lake Louise was gorgeous. Wood walls, tons of windows. Ski lift for guests to enjoy themselves in nature in between the ceremony and reception.

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And then, to Lake Louise!! To snap some pics on the lakeside!

The kissing game— where Tamme & Max had to replicate a choreographed kiss! Guests would come up, show off a kissing stunt and Tamme & Max had to replicate.. IT GOT OUT OF HAND!! AWESOME!

The kissing game again!!! Tamme switched out with a male friend and Max almost smooched him– oh man, we laughed until we cried!

Max’s sisters sock dance, a French Canadian tradition where the unmarried older sibling has to wear goofy socks & do a solo dance!! About 30 seconds in they surprised all of us by doing an incredible flash mob to Bruno Mars Uptown Funk!

Wedding Vendors

Makeup Melanie Dawne

Lake Louise Wedding Coordinator Adrian Beers

Décor & Wedding Planner Pink Orchid Decor in Airdrie

Dress Embrace Bridal in Airdrie

Bridesmaids Dresses Davids Bridal

Groom’s Tuxedos Moores

Florals Michaels

Wedding Dress Hanger Hang on Bridal Hangers in Okotoks




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